REL T2 Subwoofer.8" Active Woofer And 10" Passive Radiator 200 Watts

REL T2 Subwoofer.8" Active Woofer And 10" Passive Radiator 200 Watts



• 200W high current Class AB amplifier
• Sealed enclosure with heavy-duty 8 " ULT active driver and 10" ULT passive radiator
• Variable crossover 30-120 Hz
• Neutrik Speakon™ high-level input for direct connection to amplifier
• RCA low level input, .1/LFE input with separate volume control
• All connections and control functions are located on rear panel
• Over current, over temperature and under voltage protection                                                                   Cherry Finish .   PERFORMANCE: Simply put, we firmly believe that REL Sub-Bass Systems should be matched to the performance capabilities of the system and to the room volume in which the system will be performing. The three model offering allows a broad range of main speaker system matching. Consult your REL Specialist for recommendations.VALUE: These are genuine REL Sub-Bass Systems intended to supply effortless, extensional very low bass to underpin high quality audio systems. Although they are offered at prices that compare quite favorably with competitors’ offerings that often emphasize one aspect over another (output at the expense of quality, or extension at the expense of size), the T-Series is intended to offer the best balance of musical and design virtues.  The all-new T-Series™, from REL, is intended to deliver the exceptional low bass performance, rugged build quality and attractive styling of our classic offerings at more affordable prices.STYLE: The design of T-Series is guided by its high performance goals. The perimeter rails that define and support the unit are necessary to provide sufficient elevation to allow proper release of the low bass pressure wave. The bold hemispherical dome of the grille is necessitated by the ultra long throw (ULT™) driver’s travel. Quality abounds, such as the polished T-304 stainless steel bolts employed. Such attention to detail is what has made the REL name synonymous with quality.    

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